Local charities

Dandelion Support Network

Run by volunteers who process donated nursery equipment & children’s clothes for distribution to families in need through support agencies and hospitals.

Share the Dignity
Multiple Shire locations

Sanitary items should be a right NOT a privilege.
We were shocked to hear about homeless women and the difficulties they face when getting their period.

This organisation’s mission is to ensure everyone is afforded the dignity they deserve.

One Meal – Sutherland Shire
Old Princess Hwy, Sutherland
0478 478 464

One Meal – Sutherland, an arm of One Meal – It Makes A Difference, was founded in July 2016 after realising a lack of adult male homeless support, and an unexpectedly high number of homeless in general in the Sutherland Shire.

Shire Animal Rescue
0451 919 352

Sutherland Shire based Animal Rescue.

Currently NOT a registered charity but donations (funds and/or food) are welcomed.